Hi! Welcome to J Street Views. Thanks for stopping by. Before you read any further this is NOT the website for the J Street NGO.  So, if you are looking for them they are located here: http://jstreet.org.  While we support their efforts we are not associated with them in any way.  As such thanks for dropping by all the same.

J Street Views is  intended to serve as a virtual town square.  The posts on J Street Views are created by individuals and are not in any way associated with a formal political party, company or organization.  This is a personal blog, where topics on different political topics and events are discussed.  This is also an open blog, you are encouraged to become a resident and add your two-cents on the different topics as well. 

While an open discourse on differing opinions is highly encouraged.  It is also requested that everyone remain respectful and civil. J Street Views is based out of America, where discourse is encouraged.  But at the same time we do respect each others views.  While the residents of J Street Views don’t always agree on viewpoints we do always agree to have each resident have their say.