An Open Letter to the Democratic Party

Right now, I’m sure that the Democratic National Party is ensconced in their tower in D.C. They’re in their nice, cushy conference rooms eating their catered breakfasts, sipping on their expensive coffees, wondering; why did we lose the presidential election? Also, why did we lose the local elections? And why did we lose so many counties and state governments and legislatures? I’m sure they’re going to call in their consultants, advisors and polling organizations (all likely at a high price), trying to discover the answers.

Well, I have something to say about that. DNC, you did not just lose the Presidency. You lost the faith of the American people. You lost their trust in you. For years, we have seen you parading around presidential candidates and other candidates who don’t even make up or even resemble the working person. You’re passing laws, and you are advocating for causes that, while they sound noble, once you dig deep into them, they mean nothing to the regular voter. The regular person doesn’t really care too much about foreign policy. We may care about trade. But even then, it’s kind of a third-level care to us.

What we’re looking for are people who can talk to us and to our situations. The Republican Party knew this. The Republican Party had Trump go out and speak to these people. More about that in a future blog post, but the Republicans knew where they needed to go. The Democratic Party didn’t. I would tell you to fire every consultant that you use. Get rid of the polling people, get rid of the consultants, and get rid of the advisors. Why do I say that? Because they’re totally out of touch themselves. Look at the invoices from the payments to these pollsters, consultants, and advisors. See how much you’re paying them. And that right there will tell you that you’re doing it wrong. They did not give you any useful data. They are asking the wrong questions to the wrong groups of people.

There is a better way, a cheaper way for you to find out what the American people want and what the American people need. That is to get out of your offices and go into the communities. If you really want to win the hearts and souls back of the American worker, you’re going to need to get back to your roots (or your supposed roots). This means going into the communities and understanding the problems. This does not mean flying in for a day or two and then flying out after doing a town hall. No, go there and live there. Go to the poor counties, go to the industrial counties, go to the counties and cities that have the working people. And set up outreach offices. In these Democratic Outreach offices, your goal is to be there to help the people. You’re going to hear their stories, you’re going to see their struggles, you’re going to live with them, you’re going to talk to them, and befriend them even. And what you’re going to end up doing is learning where they hurt. But more importantly, by going back to your roots, you’ll be able to also use the knowledge of where they hurt to help.

Currently, the House, the Senate, the Presidency and likely soon the Supreme Court will not be under your control. But let me back up on that “no control.” You will have no official control. Meaning that you don’t sit in the offices that can enable change or can help the American people. But you will still be able to help. You will still be able to make lives better for the American people.

In the regular world, we know that there are two types of leaders. There are leaders that are designated (these are the ones that are elected or appointed, they have their decrees or titles and hold official offices). But we also have those leaders in the communities that don’t have all of that. They don’t have an office, they don’t have a title, they don’t have a position, they don’t have the authority to make a change from a bigger level. But there are ways of helping, for example, if there is a problem with a factory and a factory is threatening close because they’re going to move south of the border. You can enlist your resources, go to the factory owners and speak with them to see if there’s a better way if there are other alternatives that can save it. You can also use your influence and your abilities to help the soon-to-be-displaced workers find work as fast as possible.

You can also use your influence and knowledge, to reach out to communities and let them know of the different programs that can assist them. You can also help them to apply for those benefits or programs. What you will end up doing is what a grassroots organization does. You’re not just making speeches and taking information. You are taking information and you’re finding out how to help.

One of the good things you’re going to realize is that a lot of what you thought was true in America isn’t so true. It is common knowledge that every state has a welfare system and worker displacement assistance, and they do. But they’re not all the same, and they don’t do what you may think they’re doing. Some of them are mired in so much bureaucratic red tape that the regular person cannot access those services. But if you’re able to go in and see these issues, you can A) assist the constituents with getting the services they need and B) help them understand what services are available to them. But also, when you go back to D.C., you’ll know the programs that exist in your state are a bear to deal with. You will say “yes, the states have these programs,” you will also know that if it’s too hard to use. From there, you’re able to craft legislation and get candidates in place that can bring about true change.

Furthermore, I would recommend that you clean house of your candidate stable. Your candidate stable over the last decades has been nothing more than politicians and former business people who have been too successful, for too long. They may have started out poor or grew up in the bad part of town or have some other heartbreak story. But now, most are so far removed from that time, they don’t really remember where they came from. The struggle is not with them any longer.

Instead, once you have cleaned out that stable, you can bring in regular folks, regular working people: People who have lived that struggle for years, people who understand the struggle, people who are not there for their own self-interest. Those are the types of candidates you are going to have to start fielding. And they’re going to have relatable stories that the American people can connect with – so that when they vote in the upcoming in two years (in midterm elections), they’re going to put those types of people in offices. And it does not necessarily mean the candidates will have fancy credentials from fancy organizations. You might get farmers, factory workers, office workers those types of people need to be a part of your stable of candidates. And you can use the power of the DNC to help promote them help push them forward. By getting their message out and getting them elected.

But I want to go back to my first point about those Democratic outreach centers. That’s where you’re going to be able to do noticeable change on the ground. Can you imagine if you’re able to put 100,000 workers back to work? Or save 100,00 or 200,000 families from going into abject poverty? Just through your efforts. Just your efforts of leveraging the system and educating communities. You see what you can do, that shows the American people you’re serious. You’re not there just for yourself.

I think it’s great that Bernie Sanders has been selected as your outreach person. I think he’s an excellent choice. And if truth be told, he should have been your presidential choice, but that ship has sailed. Bernie Sanders has worked as an Independent. He worked third party as such he knows how to energize the American people as well as being genuine. If you haven’t yet, you should make it required reading for all leadership in the DNC to read Bernie’s recently released book. The reading of Bernie’s book should be their sole and most important job. This is how you do grassroots, this is what works. And then from there you can craft your Democratic platform around those ideas and actions. Once you do that, I believe you will be in a fighting position for the midterms. And the midterms will be your weather gauge to see if you’re doing it right. How many of these red counties that voted this election did you turn? In how many of these counties and states did you have a real fight?

Other things the outreach offices, mentioned earlier, could do is keep an eye on D.C. They can report back to their local areas to say, “hey, this is what DC is doing. This is how this bill or piece of legislature affects you. This is what the votes are looking like, this is what we need to do, write those letters and make those phone calls.” You see the American people. They want to help. They want to help themselves. But they don’t have the opportunity to do that.

Right now, you are the outside party, and that places you in the perfect position to champion and enable positive change which will make American’s lives better. Also, if you are willing, you can find your next generation candidates.

Also, you must engage your Democratic Party youth. No more can you have them ensconced in their fancy universities going to their fancy talks, talking to fancy people. When they want to come to work for you in the summer as an intern say, “Fine, we will take you, but you’re not going to DC, you’re not going to be in the upmarket apartments, you’re not going to be in the conference rooms and offices. No, we are sending you to places like Riverton, Wyoming; Viroqua, Wisconsin; Elkins, West Virginia; and Chewelah, Washington. For three months, you’re going to work with these communities. You’re going to learn their struggles, you’re going to learn what they go through every single day, and you’re going to live it with them side by side.” And I would also suggest implementing a program so that you can put these interns into the local workforce to work side by side. All of this will be done so that the generation that is currently learning will have the types of experiences which will enable them to have lifelong passions for serving people.

The American people, feel that the major parties don’t get us, and they don’t understand us. By the same token, when it comes to third parties, we’re not yet comfortable with them. We don’t know who they are. You all have demonized these third parties for years, to the point that people are thinking third parties are basically communist organizations. That’s going to change. You’re going to have to work with these third parties and become partners with them, a friend to them. And realize they may have different methodologies than you do, but they have some good ideas.

In the end, the DNC can either continue to use their old tactics. Or adjust to the new normal. The days of famous politicians saying the same speeches is over. The American people have heard words for years. While seeing, their circumstances remain the same or deteriorate. The midterms of two years ago and the more recent Presidential election has shown that we want change. We want to see action. But more importantly, we need for our elected officials to show that they really believe the government is still “for the people and by the people.” You can either step up and take the challenge, or you can diminish into the background of America.

If you agree with this letter please share it. And if you don’t please submit a comment below.  The purpose of this is to start a conversation to see if we the people can devise ways of getting the change we are all looking for.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to the Democratic Party”

  1. I simply agree that the Black vote is being and has been taken for a given for too long; and the ROI has been measured and muted; even during whatever period we as a people, would deem, the best of times. In the game of politics, all get screwed sometimes but some people tend to get a very nasty strain of V.D.

    1. HI Ed,
      I agree that for quite sometime, there are several groups which the DNC has “taken for a given.” If the DNC is to remain relevant and earn back the trust, they are going to have approach those groups anew and start delivering real results. Or they face losing the support of their base.

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