Five Management Tips for the Holidays

Being a manager or business owner can be a demanding job, and it requires that you know how to meet the needs of not only your company but also your employees. The holidays just make these jobs harder and will require extra planning on your part.

No. 1: Communicate With Your Employees

Communication is critical in any management role. Whatever level your job is at, whether it be C-level or a middle manager, it is incredibly important that you maintain a healthy dialogue in the workplace. This is especially true around the holidays when your employees will be juggling their work and personal lives much more than they might usually have to.

No. 2: Organize Days Off

It is mainly a given that most if not all employees will be taking holidays off, and some may even need additional days off around the holiday season to be with friends and family or to travel. As a manager, it is essential to manage employees taking days off to make sure that departments and disciplines are not understaffed around the holidays. It is also important to be understanding during this phase, as there will be a disproportionately large amount of employees trying to secure days off for the holidays.

No. 3: Bonuses and Incentives

Bonuses and incentives are not applicable in every occupation or workplace but are extremely common nonetheless. It may be appropriate for you to give employees a bonus check in an office setting or even a small gift in other, more relaxed workplaces. Whatever your situation may be, it is important to decide on what you feel is an appropriate holiday “gift” for your employees.

No. 4: Manage Celebrations

Holiday celebrations are virtually ubiquitous in office and corporate settings. These celebrations can come in the forms of Secret Santa exchanges, office dinners, workplace parties, the list goes on. What is important is to make sure that employees can enjoy the holiday celebration without it intruding on productivity or excluding anyone who may not celebrate the associated holiday.

No. 5: Prioritize Without Stressing

When it is all said and done, work is still work, even during the holiday season. What’s important is to remember that your employees will be celebrating and likely stress at the same time. So it is important to make sure that the necessary work is still being done around the office while also making sure that increased workloads or possible understaffing aren’t placing them under too much undue stress.

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