It’s Time for Bots Which Work (only) for Consumers – Part 1

Companies are developing, even more, solutions to handle advanced problems. These solutions promise to make life easier, more convenient and less expensive. However, I ask the question, “For whom are they aimed at helping?” Businesses are developing these solutions to be able to target certain demographics for marketing purposes, to locating potential employees, (to name a few applications) all of which will be automated. No more will a company have to wade through the thousands of resumes they may receive to find the few nuggets of applicants which may be successful in a role. Companies will be able to target their marketing campaigns to certain demographics at the right time, all on the fly. They will be able to have their entire campaigns shifted automatically in seconds so they can (hopefully) capture the market consistently; all of which will be done using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Consumers will be inundated with more choices, options, and offers. However, these will be driven by machines or more specifically computer programs and algorithms. It has already been shown that computers are faster than humans at many functions. Which begs to ask “If computers are on one side of the equation and humans are on the other side of the equation, who will win?” I believe that the computers will win, even if it is simply through overloading the humans with too much information.

Can you think of the best mobile phone provider for your specific needs? If you had to change mobile phone carriers right now, who would you choose based on price, features, services, customer service, and coverage? Based on your individual specific situation, which phone carrier meets your needs? Also, of the different categories (price, features, services, customer service, and coverages) how would you rank them based on what is important to you? You are probably hard pressed to come up with an answer to this question. Most likely because the mobile telephone industry is a moving target. It is always shifting which makes it hard to know at any given time which is best for you. And this is how companies win. They keep the consumer off kilter, making sure they target different things which show their strength. But a company’s strength is not necessarily beneficial to a customer. For example, I personally don’t care if a mobile carrier has coverage throughout the entire Rocky Mountain system. I am most concerned about the quality of the service in areas that I live and work in. Or, having the lowest priced service is of little concern to me if they do not offer the devices I want to use. But isn’t this what we have been seeing in their ads and commercials? They tout their strength and try to make their strength seem as if it is what the consumer wants. This is but one example of a case where we are inundated with too much information (or in some cases too little information). I am not picking on the mobile phone industry, only showing them as an example, the same logic Is true for any product or service any company you may consider working for or purchasing.

It is only going to get worse once these AI solutions begin rolling out even more. I believe that to handle the coming crush of information, that humans will need to have their own computerized agents. I term these solutions as “Reality Enhancers.” Bots which are developed and geared towards the owner’s interests. I envision solutions which are programmed to wade through the information and come to conclusions which are purely for the owner’s (the consumer’s) goals and objectives.

If these types of products and services are not developed now, we will see an even more lopsided consumer to company relationship develop, which in the end will be detrimental to both sides. While the idea for a Personal Bot is appealing though, there are a few things which will need to be considered before they can be developed.  In the next post, I will go over some of the concerns I see that should be addressed.

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