MCSA: Office 365 And MCSE: Productivity Certifications

Microsoft SharePoint is an enterprise partnership tool that multiple organizations are turning to empower their teams for more efficiency.� As more businesses are using SharePoint, there is a growing need for highly-skilled IT professionals who effectively administer it. You could be a SharePoint administrator, a programmer or an architect working on technical aspects of the technology. You could also be a business expert, designing SharePoint solutions that meet specific needs of a business or a project manager handling the implementation of these solutions to the users. Alternatively, you may also be in a support role, working on a SharePoint help desk or an end user training position.


For an individual to be successful in IT industry, a certification from a reputable organization is of great importance and among such training courses that have much credibility is the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) designed by Microsoft. There is so much progress in technology in the world today that yesterday’s skills seemed to be obsolete. The commitment to your career and expertise shows by becoming certified.

The certification goes a long way to mark your skills and commitment to be the best and employers recognize the value this certification brings to an organization. Often, it can be seen that organizations often choose an MCSA and MCSE certified candidate over equally knowledgeable candidates because of the credibility of this certification. It is advisable to commit to a formal certificate path once you are in a professional environment.


The MCSE: Office 365 has continued to gain acceptance and momentum across every sector. As an increasing number of organizations adopt Microsoft Office 365 to meet their business collaboration, the need for IT experts who can administer the product has increased rapidly. Typically, the MCSA: Office 365 certification makes an individual eligible to serve as cloud application administrators or as software-as-a-service (SaaS). Usually, these roles focus on handling office 365 business productivity products such as SharePoint.


MCSE: Productivity certification confirms that an individual has the prerequisite skills required to move organizations to the cloud, reduce data loss, increase productivity & flexibility, and also improve data security. The MCSE: Productivity, as well as other certifications under the expert level of Microsoft new certification structure, allows trainees to choose from a list of tests to efficiently customize their certification to their needs. This certification serves as proof of your competence and expertise in managing critical workplace products. Your MCSE: Productivity Certification will also open up a range of career options as you endeavor to meet your career goals. Are you set on management/administration/architecture track, then MCSE: Productivity Certification is your best pathway.

Sharepoint servers have gone a long way to help many organizations trying to come up with the technology that can assist and manage their extensive database as well as store key business information. Individuals who acquire SharePoint Server certificates have the ability to create and operate web portals, update data, manage a server, integrate business applications, and track the operation of collaborative solutions.

SharePoint Certifications can give a boost to your IT career. Companies looking for server administrators will seek expertise and experience certified by SharePoint. Like all Microsoft certifications, acquiring these certifications shows that you have the knowledge and skills needed to qualify for these specialist IT positions.

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