Proud to DEPEND on the Government

I am so sick of hearing people say that people become dependent on the government. They use it as a derisive term to imply that people using government aid are “lazy do nothings”. Which is untrue. In fact, if that were the case then every American could be classified as “lazy do nothings”.

I like being able to go to sleep at night and not having to worry that some foreign government will come to my door and demand that I give up my possessions to them. Well, that is due to the military we have which protects our borders from that sort of threat. I don’t know about you but last I checked I don’t have a private military force under my command to provide this. So, I will DEPEND on the government to provide that service to me.

When I wake up in the morning I have a nice breakfast of eggs, sausage, biscuits and coffee. And for my little one she has a nice bowl of oatmeal and strawberry flavored milk. I don’t worry if the food is tainted or is processed in unclean facilities. Again, I don’t have a fleet of food inspectors under my employ to make sure that the breakfast is safe. So again, I will DEPEND on the government to provide that service.

When I get dressed and out the door for my commute into work I travel on my usual route of roads and highways. I don’t worry about having to drive on a path which has rocks, boulders, or potholes in it to jack up my suspension. In fact, the road was just resurfaced a few weeks ago, so my ride is even smoother than before. Last I checked I did not hire a road crew to make a route for me from my house to my place of business. So, I guess I will again DEPEND on the government to take care of doing that.

As I pull into the parking lot of my place of business I stop for a moment and look at the size of the building. I enjoy seeing the architectural details which are incorporated. I remember when the land this building sits on was just an open pasture with weeds growing all over the place. And then a few years ago, a developer came to town and asked for assistance from the county to get a tax break and some funds so they can build this building. Now, they did not come to me for the much needed 10 million dollars. They went to the government for help. In fact, they DEPENDED on getting the assistance from the government so they could build. Without which my company would not have opened an office here.

Speaking of my company, they are based in another state. So, they had to find a need to open an office where I live. They did not have any local expertise in the area so they DEPENDED on the government to provide them with some resources so they could locate talent as well as property so they could open here. Again, they did not come to me for this information. So, again I DEPENDED on the government to help them out.

When I get to my floor in the building I pass the receptionist, she is a nice person who told me once that she took advantage of a program at the local community college which taught her office skills as well as computer skills which she used to get her current job. The local community college DEPENDED on the government for financing so they could pay the instructors and have the course materials developed. A program which the receptionist DEPENDED on to get her current position.

As I log into my computer and dial in for my first conference call, I don’t worry that a competitor is tapping my phone line. I DEPEND that the court system and laws are protecting me from unwarranted search and seizure. And if someone breaks those laws then I DEPEND on the governmental court system to take swift and appropriate action to locate them and prosecute the offending party.

At lunch time, I head off to see my physician for my annual physical. A colleague of mine had a bit of a scare last year with a heart attack. He needed to have a surgery to have stint placed to save his life, scary stuff. Which inspired me to make it to my appointments. My doctor is great. She received her undergrad degree from state college. A college which was established by the government to assist people with getting a degree. The college would not have existed had it not had the funds to begin with. So, I guess it DEPENDED on the government to get started and maintain some of its core offerings. And I DEPENDED on the government to make sure they got the funding and expertise they needed.

After undergrad, my doctor was accepted at a very prestigious university to study to become a Physician. The university was originally started as a liberal arts school but over the years it expanded its offerings and has become a premier medical school as well. My doctor tells me that they have a very comprehensive program which works with the government around family medicine. This program I am sure would not have existed had the government not set aside funds for these types of endeavors. Again, no one came to me and asked me to come up with the money. Nope a few years ago, the university DEPENDED on the government to help them out.

My doctor’s college expenses were massive she came from a working-class background like me. So, when she did not have the money to pay for college immediately, the government stepped up with grants and delayed financing options for her so she could attend school. She told me once that she always wanted to be a doctor since she was a child. So, I guess she DEPENDED on the government to step up and help her. And I DEPENDED on the government to make sure that she could become a doctor.

When my appointment is finished, I pay a nominal co-pay. A payment which was negotiated by my insurance company. Using a process which the government laid out. I was not a part of those conversations and if I were I don’t think I would have understood it all. So, I DEPEND on the government to make sure I am getting a good price for great service.

When I return to the office I book a flight I need to a make next week to visit a client. I am DEPENDING on the government to make sure the planes to hit each other and the airports have the appropriate safety precautions in place to make sure that I travel and return safely to my family.

I am thinking of starting a small business of my own. My wife and I don’t have the kind of money which I would need to do this. And unless we have a financial windfall of some sort it does not look like we will ever have enough. I read about some programs which the government offers to assist small businesses to get started. So, this weekend I will look further into them. Who knows, if I am successful I could have the new business started and running in about 2 years. I am predicting that I will be able to eventually hire a few people to help me after I open. But first I am DEPENDING on the government to give me a hand to get things up and running.

A few years ago, I published a few books. They were very successful and I had to get a copyright for them. I along with my publisher did not want to have the book’s stolen, so, we filed for copyrights. And now every month I receive my royalty checks and not once have I had an issue with anyone copying my work without permission. I don’t have a force of investigators or attorneys under my hire to protect my work. So, I guess I DEPEND on the government to keep an eye on things for me.

After work I drive home, tonight my daughter has a soccer game so it’s off to the public park to watch her play. The park is beautiful with a lot of room for the soccer fields, baseball diamonds, playgrounds and even a few hiking trails. The land, as I understand it was donated by a family, which used to farm corn and soybean on it. The government could accept the donation and they developed it into the wonderful park we have now. So, I guess myself and all the residents of the county DEPENDED on the government to get this done.

The park is kept looking nice by having the trash collected, the fields maintained and the security all provided by the government. So, I guess again I DEPEND on the government to do this. Or else it would be up to me and my neighbors to get out here and maintain it.

After dinner (again I DEPENDED on the government to ensure that the food is safe to eat) I settle down to watch a little television. I like watching documentaries. I love to learn about new things. The show I am watching is on a pretty obscure topic. Which has enlightened me and explained something that I did not know about. I now feel better informed in the world and am already thinking about things I can do better in the future. As the credits roll by I see that the government were contributors to the show. They also provided a grant so the show could be made. They did not come to me asking for help, so again I guess they DEPENDED on the government. And I DEPENDED on the government to get this information out to me.

As I lay down I reflect on my day, I cannot help but to realize how much I DEPENDED on the government to be able to provide for my family, work at my company, keep my health in check and even enjoy some entertainment. And those are just the programs and services which I used in one day. There are tons of others I did not even recall that others use. I am not ashamed to say it but I DEPEND on the government to help me to be able to live. But I guess to a lot of people I am a lazy do-nothing as well.

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