The Time for Leadership is Now

Currently, the country is very worried. There are demonstrations daily. Hate speech and hate crimes are being regularly committed. The average American is very concerned with where the country is headed. The President-Elect is appointing people to high-level positions, who have questionable backgrounds, which is concerning. Before the elections, most voters were mostly concerned if they would experience increased prosperity over the next four years. Today, they are worried if their basic constitutional rights will be maintained. There have been calls for the current President to step up and calm the American People. But he has apparently expressed that it is not his position to do that. It is up to the President-Elect to do that. The only prominent person I have seen trying to make the American People feel confident has been Senator Bernie Sanders. He has given speeches, issued calls to action, appeared on TV shows and continued to reach out to individuals.


Over the last 18 months, we have heard from the Democrat nominee for President that she was ready to lead. And how much experience she has. Details of her education and knowledge of government made her perhaps the most qualified person for the job. She even published a book titled “Some Girls were Born to Lead.” Through her stump speeches and marketing, the image that she is a leader was the consistent message. When the election results came in, I am sure that she was devastated. After all she, her family and supporters had a long fight for the office. And for all that hard work to seemingly evaporate over the course of a day must have been heartbreaking. Even the Senators, Representatives, Democratic National Conference must have felt a heavy blow.

However, I would say that it is times when a person is down that their true character shows. It is also a time when true leaders rise to the challenge. When President Obama was elected, the Republicans were defeated. But they did not hide away. Almost immediately they stepped up and declared that the Republican party’s aim was to make Obama a one-term President. The Republican party started to move immediately to energize their base and public officials to block Obama on all fronts. They gave their supporters hope. They also showed them that they were leaders, which won them additional supporters.

The Democrats and Independents of this great nation need to do the same now. They need to get up, brush themselves off and demonstrate leadership. They need to assure the American People that a dictator has not been elected. They need to stand by their campaign promises. But most importantly, they must do what all great leaders do, which is to show calm. 4 years goes by rather quickly, and the midterms are literally right around the corner. In November 2018 Americans will remember who during this time were the true leaders and those who were not.

What are some things you would like our government leaders to do to demonstrate leadership? How can the everyday person help in this time of great confusion? Please leave your comments below.

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